The Spectrum Group

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The Spectrum Group has designed a number of advanced systems software packages to suit a wide variety of businesses, institutions facilities, public and governmental agencies.  Select only the modules you need, so your cost is reduced.  Add-on at any time.

Customizable…our software design systems to suit your needs.  We also build interfaces and integration utilities so our products interface with third party software.

Our customer support is the finest in the business.

Our SpectrumNET Systems Software Family are WEB BASED applications.  No more loading programs on computers and establishing network connections.  System maintenance costs are virtually eliminated.

We included the following with each deployment:

 thumbsup *  Assistance with your Database Setups.
*  Training at the time of deployment.
*  Continued Online and Telephone support included.
*  Online Manuals.
*  Ongoing Program Enhancements included.
*  Free Legacy database analysis.*  We maintain the server, associated programs, databases, SpectrumNET programming and backups on our most popular deployment models.  NO IT STAFF REQUIRED

Our Mission

To provide our customers with low cost System Solutions which will empower them to increase efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism.

Our Motto

Tomorrows solutions…today!

Company Profile

The Spectrum Group is a group of Highly Experienced Professionals specializing in Advance Software and Product Solutions.  We provide the Manufactures which we represent, and our Customers with effective and efficient  solutions in support of  Advanced Software Programs and Hardware Interfaces. 

The Spectrum Group designs and builds software database programs. We also represent SEVERAL High Quality Software and Hardware manufacturers. Our dedicated Software Development & Systems Integration Team blends our software with other Outstanding Software Companies. Independently, or in Combination, we market  HIGHLY ADVANCED, yet EASY TO USE Software  Packages for YOU… OUR CUSTOMER.

The Spectrum Group Represents, Sells, Services, Supports and MaintainsSOFTWARE and HARDWARE products for select Manufacturers and Development Groups.   From Telephone Support to Training Seminars…we do it ALL.

Created in 1976 as a small company that Contracted it’s CCTV, Card Access, Locksmithing and Building Construction services to medium and facilities.  As other services were added, we soon found ourselves redesigning and changing our mission and business structure.  When there seemed to be no cost effective solution to a problem or situation, we would find a way.  With an emphasis on Quality and Service we have found ourselves continuing to raise the bar of today’s standards, and pride ourselves on QUALITY, and EXCELLENCE.  Today, Spectrum Group has evolved to become a SYSTEMS COMPANY; complete with Consulting, Systems Design, Systems creation and integration, software development, installation, inspection, operations, service and support.  As we have grown and restructured ourselves; we now integrate with, support and represent, a number of HIGH end products and software created by other companies.

Our programs are WEB BASED applications.  No more loading programs on computers and establishing network connections.  System maintenance costs are virtually eliminated.

If YOU have a desire to DEVELOP SPECIALIZED SOFTWARE, or INTEGRATE software packages you already have, or want our DEDICATED TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS to get you started with OUR LIST OF EXISTING SOFTWARE PACKAGES… give us a call.  We are in the BUSINESS of SERVICE and SUPPORT.