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Web-Based and Browser Accessed: Safer and MORE Secure than Client Based Applications.  No more loading programs on computers and establishing network connections.  System maintenance costs are virtually eliminated.

Security and Convenience

SG1 Hosted Systems have it the best.  Access to SpectrumNET software takes place over a SSL connection to Spectrum Group software, security features and then to your encrypted data.

System Administrators control access to the customers data. They create ACCESS GROUPS in your system.  They also assign privileges from each of the modules being used, creating unique access areas and features for each of your system users. There are 1024 access groups available in each and every Spectrum Group system that is deployed.  When you couple that with the ability to assign multiple access groups to a user you can create a as many unique accesses as you could imagine.

System Administrators also make the “inside changes” that provide consistentrecognizable, codes, commonly used at your facility.  They will setup, maintain, modify or delete the codes in your system (facilities, buildings, departments, authorizers...virtually every system code used in your system.

System Administrators keep your system running smoothly by making the appropriate changes and assigning privleges to individuals who will be accessing your system.

Users have no control over codes who has access to your software/databases.  Users are those folks who to the work withing your software systems.

System Integration…     

  • AttendanceNET    

Included with all modules and packages…Systems Manager and People (People is the scaled down version of PeopleNETTM, used by Human Resources).

System195x40   Allows our Software Users to seamlessly Integrate any of the Spectrum Group Web-Based Software Packages with each other in any combination.  All of our Web-Based Software Packages have their eManuals easily accessible from within the programs, and is available from each and every webpage.

Spectrum Group supports a number of third party applications.  The System Module controls access and functionality with integrated systems and other applications. There are virtually an unlimited number of access, read, write, modify, use, delete and assignment combinations available.  Through our unique licensing features, individual users may, or may not, be allowed access to individual modules, or aspects of a module.

people195x40   Is a CORE module and is included in all of Spectrum Group Software Products.  This section of the program stores and administers information for everyone who is using or effected by our products.  Packed with features and customization capabilities, this module is so powerful that some of our customers use it instead of other Human Resources programs costing much, much more.

KeyNET   KeyNET Advanced Key Management Software (web-subscription, laptop or PC, web-appliance or site- server).  KeyNET covers all the bases.  From Standalone to Internet…there is a design for you and your needs.  Performs Lockshop, Personnel and Key Issue functions.  Can be integrated with Photo ID, eSignature, eKeyRequest, active on-line and standalone card access systems, CCTV & DVR…and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!

 KeyNET is one of our PRIMARY Software Packages, it starts with our program basics of PEOPLE, SYSTEM Configuration, and the Lockshop functions.  As other enhancements are licensed, the product continues to grow and show it’s robust functionality and power.  This product is offered by subscription or site based.  Each level of software includes ALL of the features in lesser versions.

It starts with the LITE version, designed for the retail lockshop, which has several add-in modules which may be licensed for Masterkey Systems creation, and Shop Codes. 
The next step is too KeyNETPRO, which adds the functionality of Key Issue.  Even more dynamic features are able to be licensed under KeyNET Pro, like Authorizations, eSignature, eKeyRequest and PhotoID.
The TOP step is too KeyNET Ultra, which allows our users to purchase the complete package of all features listed in KeyNET.

keyon195x40    The most advance application in the Locksmithing Industry today!.  This section does it all.  You can manually enter Key Id information or Generate Complete Masterkey Systems from a variety of formats, including assigning each bitting with a Key ID.  Cut and stamp keys from our software to computerized key machines and stampers.  Track all of the keys you generate, and keep a complete history of each.  Assign locations of cores associated with Key ID’s, and keep a history of where those cores were used, and when.  Move cores quickly and easily.  Even track the status of keys, including those you recall.

ISSUE195x40    Key Issue is part of the KeyNET software package.  When this module is licensed, it will track the Issue of any ASSET, so don’t limit yourself to just keys or cards.  When used with the Photo ID and eSignature modules, you get a complete picture for each individual, including their issue history…all stored electronically.  Add the eKeyRequest module and you combine the Auto-Entry of PEOPLE data, the routing of eKeyRequest through all levels of Authorizations, and notifying a requestor when keys are available for pickup.  It even orders keys electronically from the Lockshop when the Lockshop and Key Issue are in separate locations.

photoID195x40    This module is designed to be used from our program or in conjunction with other PhotoID systems, and will enhance the information capabilities from those other modules.  Used separately, a user can capture an image and add it to the PEOPLE, Card Access, CCTV and DVR, or Integration Modules.  This can be done manually, or automatically.  When automated, the photo can be displayed for visual verification with CCTV or DVR information being sent to our monitoring screen.

If you are using another Video Badging or Photo ID system.  That digital information can be interfaced or imported into our software.  Spectrum Group can develop a customized utility to perform this action.

cardaccess195x40    Designed to Integrate with Continental Instruments CA3000 and other similar Card Access Programs.  Allows you to manage and control cards from within KeyNET, including the assignments of Access Groups and Time Schedules.

Our integration extends beyond active on-line card access to include STANDALONE Card Access Systems, like Alarm Lock.

cctv195x40    Performs all of the features of today’s CCTV and DVR complex operations.  Additionally, this module can be linked with the Card Access Module to provide a PhotoID of the individual who was assigned the card which has just been presented, establishing visual verification, and can tag the recording with the PhotoID for future review.

developerNET195x40    Developer is a composite web-based software package.  It consists of the associated software modules which a customer my choose to use.  It can be expanded at any time.

Design Specifications allows customers at any level (Architects, Engineers, Spec Writers, Product Distributors and/or End Users to develop and maintain Design Specifications.  This program is so dynamic that it records proposed changes to a Specification and tracks it for approval.  When used with the Projects and/or Schedules modules, the program performs all of checks and balances required to maintain order at all levels of construction.  

ProjectNET195x40    Create and manage projects with this module.  Project Design, project changes, time tables (including start and completing date); material schedules, changes and approvals, material submittals and approvals, change orders (RFI, RFQ, Acceptance/Denial), punch lists…and their statuses.  

calendar195x40   Calendar is available Standalone, or as part of our ProjectNET, DeveloperNET and WorkNET Packages.  Calendar can be used for each aspect of our programs and then blended into an Individuals Calendar.  Calendars can be associated with patients records, work requests, projects, task or other record item.  Calendar also has email notifications and alerts.

schedules195x40    This module handles all types of PROJECT hardware & equipment schedules and has an individual calendar for each project.  Time schedules tracks everything from projected start time to actual completion time….and everything in between.  The daily report feature tells you what is scheduled for that day for site superintendent and project management use (includes percentage of completion).

The Materials Schedule module tracks and maintains all information pertaining to materials.  From the Design Specification, the submittal, approvals and denials,  RFI, RFQ and change orders; to completion, punch lists, testing and acceptance…it’s all there.  When the project is complete, this information is imported into the WorkNET Inventory.

Hardware and Equipment schedules can be linked to WorkNET for creating preventive maintenance scheduling.

worknet195x40   This is a Web-Based WORK ORDER CONTROL software package.  It allows all types of work to be created, sorted, prioritized, assigned, monitored, completed and reported.  Current work status can be sorted by individual, work center, cost center, department, contractor, vendor, or school.  WorkNET has its own interface to Calendars and Projects, thus insuring accurate availability of labor and materials.  The Materials Management module (Inventory) stores cost and material availability information, including usage information for projecting purchases.  Cost estimates, actual costs are tracked providing users with evaluation and auditing tools for increased productivity and accountability.  Inventories in multiple locations can be utilized, maintained, reordered and monitored from a Centralized Inventory, Work Center Inventories, or BOTH.


biznet195x40 This is a Web-Based Work Control software package for Retail and Service related businesses.  Estimates, Work Orders, Service Orders and Invoices are created and then printed on a traditional form.


ATTENDANCE195x40     AttendanceNET is designed for the K12 Educational and School District environment.  A HIGH end program that not only tracks Attendance, but does Pre-Enrollment, Notifications, and deals with all aspects of “Problem Students”, from tardiness to expulsion… while providing documented history of each student for Auditing and Enforcement entities.  There is even a Finance add-in for Charter Schools or Districts desiring streamline the mandated reporting and track funding status. 


integrate195x40    Database Interface and Integration Tool.  This module allows routing information to interface or integrate with predetermined tables in other software programs.   Our Software Programmers Customize each application to insure reliability and on-going ease of use.  The results of database integration can be the elimination of redundant data entry, consistent data entry across multiple databases, improved reports and dramatic time savings.

One of the most difficult integration tasks can be made easy…OneCard.  That’s right, Spectrum Group has developed a series of database integration tools that form the basis for customizing the integration of your databases to create one smooth operation. 

Standalone Key Management:

KeyNET  Advanced Key Management Software

                                           (laptop, PC or MAC).

Networked Key Management:

KeyNET   Advanced Key Management Software