WorkNET Work Control and Management System Software


WorkNETTM is a Server Based, Browser-Accessed Work Control Management Software.  This highly advanced Work Management Software is our ultra-high end software.  Currently offered in two ways, WorkNETTM takes Managing Work Requests, Work Orders and the associated Projects to NEW Heights.  Designed to integrate , import, export or share information with other software packages. 

Our programs are WEB BASED applications.  No more loading programs on computers and establishing network connections.  System maintenance costs are virtually eliminated.


Spectrum Group has created a package JUST for YOU!

  • LITE – is a starter program, which can be added too, as you grow.  Strictly the basics is offered by subscription only.  Startup fee is small, subscription is small… A GREAT WAY TO GET GOING !
  • PRO adds the dynamics of Multiple Requesting Sites, and multiple Work Centers (shops) to WorkNET LITE.  This module contains all of the Routine Features which a Facility will need to perform management and control over their workload… IDEAL FOR SCHOOL DISTRICTS, HOSPITALS, COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES, INDUSTRIAL AND GOVERNMENTAL FACILITIES.
  • ULTRA adds the most desired features of Work Control Operations; eWorkRequest and authorization routing, and eSignature capture.

WorkNETTM  can be expanded to Interface or Integrate with our other Spectrum Group software programs.

WKControl195x40 Add-on module for Centralized processing of Work Requests.  Designed to work with eWorkRequest (requests made over the network).

WKCNTRS195x40Add-on module that adds Estimating, Time Cards and Inventory Usage.  Individually controlled and jointly  managed, each Work Center know when coordinated work is scheduled and when they need to modify their schedules to accommodate others.

 Inventory195x40 Add-on module to Maintain your Inventories and Shop Stock.  When linked to Cost Centers, this feature even provides information for each account.  Know the value of you inventory and if it is maximizing your performance.

CostCntr195x40 Add-on module for tracking expenses, maintain holding accounts, and accumulating time and materials for work orders.  Cost Center utilities can be built to export accumulated Cost Center information to other accounting programs.

If you are unhappy with the way your existing software performs, and want special features currently not in our program… you can have us develop EXACTLY what you want.

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