BizNET   Work Control and Management System Software for Retail and Service companies.


BizNETTM is a Server Based, Browser-Accessed Work Control Management Software.  This highly specialized software solution allows its users to create Estimates, Work Orders and Invoices based on a predefined form. 

Our programs are WEB BASED applications.  No more loading programs on computers and establishing network connections.  System maintenance costs are virtually eliminated.

BizNET is customizable  software to run your business.  If you are a business owner or manager, this software is JUST for YOU!  BizNETTM  can be expanded to Interface or Integrate with our other Spectrum Group software programs.


  Inventory195x40 The Inventory module is provided as part of the BizNETTM program to Maintain your Inventories and Shop Stock.  When linked to Cost Centers or AccountNET, this feature even provides information for each account.  Know the value of your inventory and if it is maximizing your investment

If you are unhappy with the way your existing software performs, and want special features currently not in our program… you can have us develop EXACTLY what you want.

Customers have Options with our Multiple Methods of using WorkNET…

  • Subscription – we provide access to your database on our high-end servers.  We maintain your program, including backups, and remote storage.
  • Virtual Deployment – is designed for those companies that have a server farm and are using Virtual Machines to maximize performance
  • Site Based – we sell the complete server and program, ready to go…you provide the network.  Or, you provide the server and we will configure and load the software, returning it to you ready to go…you provide the network.
  • Standalone – we provide you with a laptop or PC, from which you run your entire program.  Designed for very small operation where one person is responsible for it ALL.